Tuesday, March 2, 2010


An impatient glance at my watch told me that it was 7:15 am.I had been standing on the railway platform for over an hour,braving the early hour drizzle and teeth chattering chill of the monsoon morning....two trains touching my destination had slithered past the station in the meantime.Among the millions of reasons that urged me to leave, love was the sole reason i chose to stay.I had fallen in love.......At6:50, in the same morning,i fell in love for the first time in my life....in the faded twilight of the glorious dawn my life had found its sunshine......and even before the day had begun,my life had found a fresh beginning... indian trains are habitual latecomers, the broken announcements blaring out of the ancient speakers alerted us that the next train was due to arrive at 7:35 sharp,.....disturbed and annoyed.....i counted in my mind...1,2,3...OMIGOD!!!!!......i had only 20 minutes left...2o desperately crucial minutes to choose between a hopeful beginning and a hopeless end...... 1200 seconds to choose between a girl and the insipid world of a 23 yet single male......the sane part of my mind asked me to stay calm and patient.In love, one needs the nerves and patience of a kindergarten teacher.Patience makes you a better man and a blessed lover.When love asks you to wait all you have to do is to oblige.

I looked at her,out of the corner of my eyes.she was wearing a pale blue kurta and jeans,the black carrier bag with reebok branded on its forehead,that cuddled against her side.reassured me that she was up for a long journey.I restlessly fidgeted with the empty coffee cup in my hands, my mind was furiously working out the arithmetics of one thousand easy methods to woo a girl.Her beautiful eyes were transfixed on the Sidney Sheldon novel ,i had seen her buying from the Higginbothams bookstall in the station.She was reading it with a fierce concentration as if she belonged to a tradition of 'yogis'.The title of the book'THE SKY IS FALLING' made me impulsively glance at the sky...... i smiled,yes,the sky was falling indeed and from the moment i saw her,the earth under my feet was moving and i had stars in my eyes.I had vainly tried everything on the books to grab her attention........i tried speaking loudly on my phone, scraped the bottom of my shoes in the rough station floor,inviting only the irated scowls and abusive mumbles of the people.Lost in thoughts and high on romance,i was startled when the train finally coochie-cooed into the scene of love,as if signifying the heaven's wrath.soon, the station was consumed in the whirlwind of commotion and cacophony...i swiftly picked up my bag and followed her.....she stopped in front the a/c coach......i was travelling on a season ticket .that meant that i would have to stay out...it wasn't a big problem as long as the option of making a deal with t.t.e was open......i edged myself into the next compartment,without losing my sight of her.the compartment was overcrowded and the commuters were spilling out of the doorways and were hanging precariously....she was talking animatedly to a girl who had stepped out of the a/c coach......moments later,the siren sounded ,the other girl took the reebok bag and boarded the train,.....the horn sounded again ......still she didn't move and kept waving like an obedient school girl.......my heart twitched...the train started moving slowly.......still she remained there.....i felt the blood and glow drain out of my body,my expectations exploded and my hopes were buried in the debris of misfortune....and then........everything was over.the train picked pace and rolled out of the station into the 'insipid' world......i felt devastated and ruined........in that "otherwise" eventful train journey....in the scramble and commotion....i lost two buttons of my shirt...and my wallet got pick pocketed.....with the coins and 10 rupee notes i had in my pocket i somehow found my way home.......

AFTER nearly two months of hope and longing,my prayers were finally answered on a warm autumn day.fortune brought her to me once again in a serendipitous and blissful moment.i saw her at an ATM outlet.The arrogant machine kept rejecting the monetary needs of my impoverished atm card.....i felt stuck up.A soft restless knock on the door made me turn and i found her staring at me through the thick glass door.....for one blinding moment it was as if a thunderbolt had struck me,in awe, admiration and confusion all the organs in my stopped working for a whole mortal second .it took a few moments for the breath to return to my nostrils,vision to return to my eyes and sense to return to my brain.....her gaze had in me,the effect of a warm blazing sun on an eskimo land...i slowly opened the door and asked for her help .she came in without any hesitation,took the card from me and reinserted it in the slot.....the machine,like a middle aged philanderer, tickled and titillated by the touch of a woman responded quickly...i jabbed in the the amount .....i quickly collected the money and drew the balance slip...my account boasted 47.00 rs.....i quickly threw the crumpled balanced receipt into the bin,without letting her sympathise over feeble financial security .... as i was about to leave,a thick smoky smell enveloped the cabin, as if something was burning... the intensity of the stench made her cough....It was followed by a beeping sound and then, the machine blinked to death.......she stared at me quizzically,quite convinced that i was a thief or a burglar who had tried to rob the machine with a fake card.......i looked at her helplessly,with a pleading face and open jaws.......partly in fear and partly in confusion and embarrassment....i soon left the scene without another word

'Everything happens for good' ,says the bhagavad gita...this is absolutely true in love......" even a traffic jam or a road accident can work magic on your love"....It didn't take too long for our next meeting....i saw her for the third time in the anomalous and unusual heat of a winter afternoon....i was stuck midway in a heavy traffic jam and the sun above was busy preparing a barbecue lunch.....through the opening left by a bulky trailer and a motorcycle i saw her again....i left my bike where it was,combed my hair and tidied myself up.....without sparing another moment i rushed through the gridlock .....she was crying when i saw her ,she had a bruise on her forehead and bleeding scratches on her arms..... there had been an accident ..the front part of her vehicle was smashed in....and the head lamp of the car that hit her had been broken.. after playing a little "YOU-KNOW-HOW" and "WHO'S WHO" with the crowd that thronged the place i came to know the accident happened due to the negligence of the driver......"chances" are like fresh vegetables you can either use it or let it rot...every chance brings with a bouquet of promises,the worst part is that it comes only once....i had decided to use it it to its fullest...after giving a silent prayer i ventured into the scene...i was too pleased too play the knight in the shining armour....her tear filled eyes glittered when she saw me.....she gave me a wry smile...it was a silent acknowledgement that she remembered me....i felt a pang of grief when i saw her....it was my turn to play don Quixote and save my damsel in distress.....the driver of the vehicle had a frightened look on his face...with a little pressure,little intimidation and a lot of reasoning i managed to grab a deal with him...and made him pay for the repairs....i arranged for an auto take her to the hospital.....that was it....happily whistling,singing and hooting i went back to my motorcycle...only to find it being lifted off in a vehicle...with police branded on its butt.........i had to pay and amount roughly equal to the two months school feel of the inspectors children to get it back

In the week that followed,she called me. .... .. breathing in,a fresh lease of life into the dim prospects of my unspoken love..... what unfolded in the following days was pure magic and incredibly beautiful... we talked,messaged and chatted,in two weeks we were good friends and ,in the third week she even invited me to her home... but every time we spoke or chatted some bizarre strange and weird accidents kept happening(like the atm centre and the road episode), like the premonitory echoes of an impending doom or maybe due to the discrepancies or mercilessness of our horoscopes......anyway.....i accepted the invitation and waited for a convenient and propitious time to pay a visit....as decided,i went to her apartment after making sure that her dad was at his office and her mother was on her weekly trip to the market...i walked in,quite excited and rang the bell.....her house maid,a big burly woman with a voice as shrill as a sawing machine opened the door...all the excitement drained out of me when i saw her,a sudden dizziness and bout of fear overcame me when i saw her,i escaped after asking for a wrong address.....

it went on, for a whole month.....every time we tried to meet ...something or the other kept us apart....silly troubles and petty inconveniences kept thwarting our meeting plans....after a month long wait,we finally met at the city's largest bookshop......Amidst the evergreen romantic classics, heart warming poems of love and over a hot cup of coffee...i proposed to her........i finally poured my heart out....the moment i proposed,i heard a bookshelf tumble.....she didn't say anything ,gave me a big enigmatic monalisa smile and left....i remained there floundering for an answer....trying hard to decode the answer behind the smile....for the next two days i made it a point not have any sort of correspondence with her.......with all the effort in the world that it took, i kept myself away from the phone..on the third day we went to our family home,in a remote village,where mobile phones and Internet,were still things of fantasy, to attend the annual festival at the family temple there......after 7 sleepless night,asphyxiated by the heights of romance.........i returned to my home on the 8th day.......and desperately rushed to her home.........the door was locked when i reached there,i knocked at it.but no one answered.....after some 15 minutes her neighbour came out.... she told me that they had vacated two days back and her father had been urgently transferred to a some place in punjab...and handed over a letter to me.....with trembling hands and flooded eyes i slowly opened the letters she had left for me....where technology fails,letters still remain the final hope....the letter had everything i wanted to know.....she had written in it how hard she had tried to contact me......i cursed myself for having gone to that god forsaken land.....i felt shattered,even the faint sense hope that kept my love glowing at times when i didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of meeting her, was gone...... washed away by the tide of emotions

Emotionally paralysed and numbed by despair,i spent the next few days home alone, reading the pages of my diary and reliving every moment,right from the day i saw her to the day i lost her....it didn't take too long........ the brilliant rays of happiness tore apart the looming clouds of despair and lady luck showered her grace on me once again...all the woes and maladies that plagued my heart were put to rest,the moment i saw the emboldened alphabets of her name on my yahoo friends list suggesting that she was online........all the energy,glow and vitality returned to me along with the prospects of a fresh and promising world.........we talked and talked without even pausing for a breath.... like paroled prison mates....she told me that was at "wagah", a ceremonial border on the indo -pak border known as the berlin of asia for the retreat ceremony otherwise known as lowering of flags rehearsed by indo pak soldiers every evening......i knew that place...i had seen the ceremony in the television plenty of times.....the ceremony was grand enough to take every spirited Indian to the pinnacles of patriotism...... i fell silent,here i was,living like a recluse, separated and secluded in the wilderness of the southernmost part of the country.......while,my love was waiting for me with all her heart and open arms ......somewhere in the wheat grounds of a beautiful northwestern state.... i had to decide and to act......after about 8 continuous buzz....i typed in I'M COMING' and then the power went off.....

Every beautiful love story has a journey in it.....two days later, after 2 more chat sessions,i embarked on the journey that took me across the length and breadth of the nation,through the heartlands of the country ,covering hundreds of railway stations and millions of people....after nearly two and a half days of travel,i finally reached wagah on a cool and pleasant evening ........i had agreed to meet her at the ceremonial border...in exhilaration and seamless joy i slowly made my way through the heavy crowd to our rendezvous point..... amidst the frenzied shouts of patriotism heated sloganeering and festival of tricolour flags ..i spotted her in the distance..she was wearing the same pale blue kurta she had been wearing when i saw her for the first time....a shawl was tied round her neck like a scarf..in the glow of the evening light she was looking pretty and breathtakingly gorgeous....my embarrassment grew with every step i took......i felt nervous and frustrated,1000 mega watt electricity was passing through my spine.... when we were close enough and at a hands reach,she wished me"hi',i acknowledged it with another hi.she kept chattering like a nursery school girl......for all the while we remained there,neither did i see the ceremonial border nor did i see the retreat spectacle.....i kept gazing at her all the time as if she was the Haley's comet or Spielberg's E.T

After the ceremony was over,as the crowd started spilling out......we left the place and walked side by side,......the sky was growing dark,the beautiful moon had covered the sun in its lustrous black hair strands and the stars were glittering like sequins in Elvis Presley's jacket.......a strange sense of restlessness prevailed between us...sometimes, what words fail to do...a twitch of an eyebrow, or the depth of silence can do better....we walked in silence without uttering a word...the urge to break the silence was growing inside me irresistibly...but i was too hep less and unprepared to attempt anything like that......the 'greenhouse' feelings were warming my heart and i was sweating like anything....i finally decided to break the silence.....with all the courage left in me, i pulled myself together and touched her hands...she didn't resist...we joined our hands...the moment we joined our hands,there was a crackling sound and the street lamps flickered to death...people were running hither and thither,confused and frenzied....we remained there dumbstruck and unable to make out the head and tail of what was really happening around us........the whole area was blanketed by darkness,the silver glow from the moon left us with enough light to see ourselves....she looked at me and our eyes locked we smiled at each other,it was these kind of bizarre and strange incidents that brought us together,no matter what fate had in store for us we had decided to live together......it was beautiful.......my breath returned to normal and i kissed her softly,teardrops welled up in her beautiful eyes and we hugged.....

As we stood there... under the canopy of a large tree,in the silence of an empty street under the candlelight of a shining moon and seen by only the blinking stars and savouring every minute
of our long cherished togetherness
she called my name
yes....i slurred........like an intoxicated romantic
"grandma is not well"she told me
so? ........i asked
"grandma is in calcutta and we are moving to Calcutta tomorrow"
whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt??????i cried
in disgust,desperation and confusion.....i brooded......i had only two days left and another two thousand miles to cover........when love asks you to follow.......all you have to do is to oblige.....i smiled and hugged her even tightly

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Largely ignored and rarely noticed,the village lived on.Abandoned into abyss of oblivion ,by government and the world alike,the forsaken land remained peacefully severed from the hustle and bustle of city life.Only the weekly shuttle bus service run by the govt found its way to the secrecy of the unexplored and hidden treasure of nature.The people of the village were happy and content with the way life treated them,they had no bigger dreams than living a day peacefully.happiness and mirth intoxicated them and sorrows emblodened them.living through the various twists,turns and caprices of fate,at the end of the day only smiles persisted on their faces.affection and innocence bound them together..they never complained.....As if symbolising the spirits of the village folks a lively and teeming river ran through the heart of the village seperating it into two shores.The shores stretched out ,seperated by a brilliant and serene gush of pristine water ,like two lovers separated by destiny .80 percent of the villagers were farmers...the proximity of the river increased the generosity of the soil..anything and everything grew there adding up for its ecological opulence.Rare varities of avian family vacationed there impressed and bowled over by the hospitality of nature.The village was a beautiful watercolour painting done by the god himself........thus,with all its beauty and unharmed virginity the village moved on
As a part of the govermental campaign for spreading e-literacy ,Internet arrived at the village amidst much fanfare and celebration.A computer centre was inaugrated with 5 computers and two instructors.The villagers greeted the arms of technology with the same frenzy and excitement they shared when television first arrived on their village.Like the falling autumn leaves they surrendered their will and whims to the winds of sophistication. The innocent villagers flocked to the center in large numbers.A touch on the keyboard made them get goosebumps.in disbelief and wonder,they gasped and gaped at what they saw.As time flapped its wings and flew away, changes began to creep into the village .The conservative mindsets of the people opened up to the open sky of oppurtunities.the literacy starved villagers were soon driven into greener pastures of knowledge.As tecnolody gobbled up the village.the need for basic english education seemed inevitable.upon the request of the people and after a heated discussion in the panchayat it was decided to start an english learning centre.which only the communisits opposed.the syllabus and timetable of the panchayat shool was revised with a compulsory english period.New books on basic english literature smiled from the bookshelves of the panchayat library.slowly and gradually,like how a drug finds it way through the nerves,the village resonated with the chants od development.'operation castlead' and 'global meltdown'replaced the routine topics of discussion at the village tea shop where elderly village men assembled for their early morning and late evening sessions of gossiping over a hot cup of tea.pants replaced dhotis and the village women bartered their sarees and robes for churidar and salwar. pics of Paris Hilton and Aiswarya Rai replaced the amorous pouts and temperature heater voluptuosness of semi clad b- rate actresses that hung on the barber shop walls.within 2 years two english medium schools offering state of aart facilities sprang up at the outskirts of the village.The children who whistled and frollicked their way to schools were jampacked into tempos and shool buses,with ties hanging around their neck like noose and truck loads of books weighing down their shoulders.......as was their habit, they never complained
The impending lok sabha elections and advent of mobile phone technology did the rest of the job,what became 'wat' ahd how are you became 'wassup'.......as if woken up from their slumber the politicians returned to the village..massive plans were drawn up for reconstruction of roads and facelifting the village.a two lane bridge was built across the river and finally a web site was opened in the name of the village for exploring and exploiting the tourism oppurtunities ,the village offered and the heaps of fortune that it would usher in.As if registering their silent protests,the nature reacted,the flow of the water diminished,birds stopped their seasonal visits and increased activities heated up the village.The party that won the elections promised an IT Park for the village, flaring up the development turmoil.The monstrous and savage shadow of urban civilisation and status loomed large over the lives of the innocent villagers,crime rate peaked, destroying the peace and tranquility of the place...real estate prices soared up and mobile towers fenced the village........within 5 years the village became a township
Among the many things that the village lost in the onslaught of development....it lost its identity and innocence.....memories and nostalgia remined their final hope to connect with the village of their dreams...........n all because of the internet

Thursday, February 4, 2010

LOVE(hope love and time ..contd)

I found love and fell in love ,even before i learned to spell the word without errors.I was only 4 when the first whiff of love enraptured my heart.20 years hence,like the opening lines of my favourite song, i vividly remember every minute and hour of the day,my life had its first rendezvous with love.It was a monsoon day, the furious rain was unleashing its rage with terrifying intensity.When i first saw her ,she was dressed in her neatly pressed kindegarten frock twirling an umbrella in her right hand and speaking cheerfully to her mother who was standing beside her.Everything about her had an indescribable bliss,an aura of grace,charm and ease encircled the air around her.she was looking pretty and as effervescent as ever.....a single glance was enough to propel my feelings into a new trajectory and my heartbeats lost its rhythm for the first time in my life........... Among the incomplete homeworkbooks,endless impositions,scowling face of the class teacher and every other scourge that made the life of a four year old miserable....i found life and joy in her.Riding her pillion in my BSA mini cycle,reading bedtime stories late into night just to narrate it to the her the next day and to see her eyes widen in wonder and excitement,playing peekaboo with her and sharing toffees and cakes bought with the money snaffled out of my dads wallet.....it was everything life meant to me at that age .Unfortunately,the romance only had the lifespan of an academic year. it met with a premature death on the day my school term ended and my dad got transferred to a distant land, leaving throbs and aches in the form of memories.

I was 13,when love once again slipped in silently through the unbolted doors of my heart,......13 the age at which traces of moustache starts sprouting above your lipline,the age you find the spunk to stare impudently into the eyes of your teacher and say "ma'am i was in no mood to do the assignment" without peeing down your knickers.I found love in the simmering heat of our school playground.but it wasnt until it was too late and everything had spun out of my hand that i realised ,she had crossed the line of adolescent attraction into the core of my heart

love.......the most commonplace of all feelings...u may find it in the din of a public place,behind the roughened and scratched up surface of your school desk,in the inner pages of your favourite books or sneaking in disguise under the warmth and compatibility of a longstanding relationship.love, like luck comes into our life at the least expected time.It is when luck meets destiny that love blossoms.The moment you fall in love the doors of heaven opens up and the mellifluous symphonies played from the harp of the angels above will start echoing on your soul helping you to see and feel things in a new 'rainbow light'.love is something that made me dream wide eyed in the middle of a boring physics lecture,something that made me smile without reason,helped me find hope in despair,solace in misfortune and joy in sorrows...above all it was something that taught there were more exciting things than x-box and play station in life

Among the millions of girls that grace your sight everyday,to find and meet the girl who holds the bow with which cupid fired his arrows at your heart,is a matter of destiny and divine discretion.I was17when love hitchhiked my heart for a lifetime ride.It was the last and final time i fell in love and the emotional inferno engulfed my life changing every bit of it.....my prayers began and ended with her,every moment with her was a 'FREE HIT' in the game of love and every new day was a gift from the heaven above with the signature of God.Those were the days when even sitting idle had a purpose behind it.......now when i look back everything seems crazy.......love is like that.....it will make you sound crazy,think wild and act insane...but at the end of the day it makes you feel more human.....and ......it is always these so called crazy beginnings that gives rise to meaningful ends............This is my love

to be continued

Monday, December 28, 2009


It was five years ago that i first saw her,at a place and time quite unimaginable and inconcievable for a perfect love story to blossom.It was on a hot sultry noon at our school playground.The sun was scorching our asses and the physical trainer was making us replay his antics which he referred to by the euphemism 'exercises' while he stood under the canopy of a tree.We were exercising our butt out ,the trainer gestured someone from among us. I saw someone speed past me but in the blinding heat i couldnt make up who it was.It was only when she ascended the dias to demonstrate and to reenact his capers that i got to see her.soon enthusiasm overcame my fatigue and i began moving my hands and legs vigorously
When the classes were over and as we sat there fatigued without a drop of water to wet our throat, my best friend at school went and fetched her water bottle .after we had emptied the bottle i took it to her,with the same nervousness that i still experience wen i am near her..It felt like the air in the whole planet had been sucked up... i was sweating n my heart was pounding with a 'new found' vigour .it multiplied with every step i took....for the first time i was unable to speak and with a great effort i managed to drag out 'excuse me'from my throat........she turned gently .....her eyes behind her spectacles looked like two pieces of cherry placed inside the glass shelf of a confectionary shop.her lips were as red as ian apple....she was 'giddyingly' gorgeous.... my hands were freezing cold when i handed her the bottle.....she took it from me and smiled........... i returned with a joy and exhilaration,only conquerors like napoleon an alexander would have known...when they won the whole world over
such is the power of love,even a smile can make you wait for years.....untold love is a sweet embarassment.......i must admit that the embarasment still remains

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It takes only a moment to fall in love ...and a lifetime to convince your partner.............that.............., you are everything that god has done to keep her happy........that ........you are the answer to everything left unanswered in her life.........that.......you always have a spare hanky with you whenever she is in tears!!!!just to reassure her that she is not alone in her loneliness and there is someone who understands the language of her emotions,even her silence...........and........there are two hands waiting to help her out when she is in distress ......then,finally....there is a life waiting to give her everything that she has always asked for.Isn't it wonderful to think to that there is always one person ........who thinks about you even when he is asleep....that.....your name adorns the backpages of his note books...........and....you make life worth celebrating for him and helps him find beauty and happiness even in the ugliest things in life...and...... you are last person he wishes to see before saying good night and you are thefirst thought that fills his mind when he opens his eyes to a brand new day.Isn't it painful to think that every moment away from you is torture for him.
sometimes it so happens that , a lifetime wouldn't be enough to convey what you have within you
this is when your love gets screwed up and we go after better gals ....(heheh.......jus kiddin)

well,thats life........a whiff of the wind is all it takes to blow out a glowing candle,likewise a vicious swing of fate is all it takes to destroy everything .........and.....before you have time to blink your eyelids your sweetheart would be gone without even bidding a goodbye,bringing the curtains down on everything that we once cherished.Happiness becomes a thing of past ,moments become memories.........and memories remain our only hope to connect with the bygone realities

Those who know me too well, will doubt that the following narrative contains some autobiographical overtones..........i wish to say that it is purely coincidental........this narrative is the introductory part of a story that i intend to share with you

i do admit that ,to some extent it is based on the events that unfolded in my life in 2004...the rest is purely fiction an figments of my imagination........im going to tell you a story.....trust me...........this is beginning of it


Destiny,never play by rules ,just when you think of it to be fair it cheats you by dishing out crap and abominable experiences which would make you feel that your life is nt worth a piece of shit!!!.This is precisely what happened to my parents 23 years ago
Living in an expensive town my father had two options,either to keep up the lifestyle,which inevitably was a need when you have well to do neighbours and relatives,or,to abstain from excesses and maintain financial security.My dad chose the latter which consequently unfurled some financial inconsistencies into our life.Inorder to pull themselves out from trouble,my parents tried everything in the books,right from planting a money plant to trying their luck on lottery tickets,but lady lukc was still to smile upon them.Atlast like every desperate parents they started pinning their hopes on me hoping that one fine day their son will rise to tthe occassion and be their messiah and answer their distresses.I was born on dec 1 1986.my dad always says that i was just like the chandrayaan -1 promising too much until everything got tracelessly lost.I was never bad at studies till my age of 14,infact i was good and did considerably well,this gave them scope for hope and immense joy.from my childhood itself my interests or hobbies or whatever u may call........it was fleeting and my parents encouraged me and tried hard to fix my wandering interests...........As time sped by ......the son in me disowned his parents dreams and was soon enticed by other better things in life.From then,my dad always had had to hang his head in shame and disgrace when talkin about his son.It hurt him to think that his son was a sucker

if u wish me to continue pls leave me a post

Friday, November 27, 2009


Today's blog is written in admiration to the fabulous comeback staged by the problem child of Indian cricket 'S.SREESANTH'.It was surprising to see a cool,composed and focussed Sreesanth back on field.I never knew that staying off field for a while was equivalent to meditating under a 'gaya tree' It was an 'enlightened' version of sreesanth that we got to see on the field.Few months back he was a guy who seriously needed a revision of all those moral lessons taught at school,playing a pied piper to controversies.his antics and capers at the playfield were in the limelight for all the of wrong reasons.be it for the infamous 'slap and cry' episode with Harbhajan or for sledging,yelling at players etc.the attitude of this guy screwed up things for him.Staying off the field couldnt even
completely mitigate the flow of controversies.Kerala cricket Association came to the fore with complaints against him for his abscence from the practise sessions citing flimsy and insufficient reasons
criticisms and controversies apart, i believe that this guy has got the potential to work wonders, if his talent and attitude are in perfect tango he is gonna go places.
It is heartening that finally this guy has realised that inswingers and yokers can do the job rather than gettin on nerves of opponents

BOTTOMLINE :Be it Mr.Karunakaran who has tried everything in the books to reinstate his son to the congress or Sreesanth's mom who has been paying frequent visits to Guruvayoor Temple.The Lord never disappoints his devotees

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today,the country relives the frightening 60hr ordeal that had traumatised the entire nation and had everyone of us in tenterhooks.This inauspicious date marks an year since the fateful 26/11/2008 ,when time mercilessly took our near,dear and beloved ones by forcing on us unrelenting pain and sorrow.It appended another bloody and inglorious chapter to the pages of history.Despite its best efforts to garner global support in the fight against terror and to isolate the countries that have been promoting it, very little seems to have been done by our government in preempting a future strike and beefing up the internal security.Our public places,
be it a market place or a railway platform still remain vulnerable spots and soft targets for another attack.within a year after the attack terrorist masterminds like David coleman headley and Tahawur Rana had the blueprint ready for another attack.The recent blasts in Assam underscores the need for an effective security system .verbal assurances apart,the govt needs to look into these pressing matters that have been glaring upon us

The spirit of resilience of our nation has always amazed me..Resilience is an inbred mechanism in every Indian. Bloody wars have been fought here,powerful explosions have ripped through its heartland killing its brave sons and daughters.communal carnage have taken place,people have been divided on racial and linguistic
lines.Even after 60 of independence there exists a million reasons strong enough to undermine even the strongest of empires,Still she endures.Resilience is a virtue that is ingrained in us, we have learned the hard way out.Undaunted by problems,unbenting in the face of crisis and with an uncrushed spirit, steely resolve and unwavering dedicatin lets wow to make our country a safe and better place